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BNP Paribas Obsèques (1) allows you to plan for financing and organizing your funeral.

  • Guaranteed compensation from
  • €3,300

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Choose a funeral home from among close to 3,000 on the list or any other establishment of your choice. An exclusive BNP Paribas offer.

Third party paid funeral costs


We pay the funeral director's bill directly if you choose a funeral home from the network list



Estimates are systematically analyzed to obtain the service that best meets your budget.

We respect your wishes


Your instructions are on record. We commit to carry them out, come what may, even if the initially chosen funeral home goes out of business.

Customer Service


You benefit from quality customer service. We answer all of your questions and provide support for your loved ones when the time comes.

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You can sign up for BNP Paribas Obsèques(1) between 40 and 85 years of age with no medical checks.

(1) Within the limits and conditions set forth in the Notice of insurance. You have a legal cooling-off period of 30 calendar days from signing the contract of adhesion, which is equivalent to proof of insurance.


You define the amount that you wish to allocate to your funeral by choosing from among eight sums ranging from €3,000 to €10,000.

If you select a funeral home from the network list(2) your loved ones will have no upfront costs: with the third party funeral payment system, when the funeral home that organized your funeral presents its bill, we pay it directly, within the financial limit that the decedent signed up for.

(2) Through OFPF (l'Office Français de Prévoyance Funéraire, the French Office of Funeral Insurance), a subsidiary company specializing in funerals.

Organization of the funeral

You may choose to organize and customize your funeral at any time, at no additional cost, with one of our listed funeral homes.(3)

With BNP Paribas Obsèques, you can customize the services and products that you want for your funeral; such as acquiring a cemetery plot, choosing a coffin or funerary urn, the ceremony, transportation, etc. The OFPF will be at your side to advise you and help you select the best quote. Thus, you benefit from all the advantages linked to our network list of funeral homes and your loved ones will have no upfront costs.
Rest assured that when the time comes, we will see that the services chosen by the funeral home you selected are properly carried out.

(3) To plan to have your funeral organized by those on the network list, choose Clause 1, the default, "third party payment mechanism from among listed funeral homes."

Customer Service

To provide quality support to you and your loved ones from the time your contract begins:(4)

  • help in solving administrative and legal questions (social assistance, pensions, widowhood, estate planning, etc.)
  • providing standard letters of the types necessary for institutions and administrations
  • referrals to psychological, medical and social professionals

At the time of decease, your loved ones will be assisted in the days following the event with:

  • repatriation of the body
  • providing household help to the spouse or de facto spouse of the deceased for the 10 business days following the death
  • caring for or transporting children and grandchildren under 15 years of age or the parents and grandparents
  • support in the travel needed to carry out administrative formalities
  • taking charge of care for the insured individual's companion animals
  • sending urgent messages to your loved ones
  • if there are insufficient funds, advancing costs of up to €1,500 to your loved ones

(4) Your loved ones can benefit from certain provisions of assistance within a limited term of 10 days.

(1)This product information page relates to BNP Paribas Funeral insurance policies taken out from 2014-11-10 onwards. For policies beginning before 2014-11-10, please see the associated product information page.

FAQ ()

  • Are you unsure of the amount that will be needed?
  • A calculator is available so you can estimate the cost of your funeral insurance; it will help you establish your budget.
  • Are you not exactly sure what you want at the moment?
  • BNP Paribas Obsèques is a flexible agreement. You are free at any time to change the amount of your death benefit as well as its designated beneficiaries.
  • Have you not yet chosen the services you want?
  • BNP Paribas Obsèques lets you organize your funeral starting today and throughout the duration of your contract. In this way you free your loved ones from any obligations, anticipate unexpected purchases and ensure that your last wishes will be respected.
  • Do you need to find a funeral director?
  • There is a geolocation tool available that allows you and your loved ones to locate the closest listed funeral home.
  • Are you wondering about organ donation? Social assistance? Estate planning?
  • With your policy you have access to an information service that answers all your questions related to decease (e.g. civil or religious ceremonies, organ donation, social assistance, pensions, etc.). A family never needs more help than at the time of a death. We offer various services for your loved ones: support during the procedures to be carried out, household help for the partner, care for companion animals, etc.

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