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Access your bank statements anytime.

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Your statements available in PDF format anytime and anywhere.

Easily access your bank statements.

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Electronic format


Your bank statements and your contract notices are in electronic (PDF) format: this makes them less cumbersome.

Available everywhere


Accessible 24/7 on or and on the "Mes Comptes" (my accounts) app.

Secure document backup


Reliable and efficient backup of your statements for 5 years in your secure login area.

Respect for the environment


Less paper and less filing required.

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Please note

The Online Bank Statements offer is complimentary and may be reversed at any time.

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Signing up for the Online Bank Statements offer for your personal accounts allows you to:

  • Have your bank statements and your contract notices available in PDF format, identical in form and content to statements and contract notices on paper.
  • Download and print your statements and contract notices one at a time (there is a maximum number of 500 contract notices that can be saved in your secure, personal or site).
  • Search by period and account (if you hold more than one account).
  • Automatically identify the statements that have been previously viewed.

If you are subscribed to the Situation offer, for private use:
By choosing to receive your statements online, you benefit from free exclusive services for managing your private checking account:

  • You have access to a history of your transactions over 12 rolling months from your date of membership in the service
  • You have the option to reconcile your transactions, enter comments, view transactions that are not reconciled, etc.
  • You benefit from a multi-criteria search function (by date, range of dates, type of transaction, amount, etc.). A few clicks are all it takes to look up all your transactions for the past 12 months!
  • The rate for your Situation contract is unchanged if you opt for Online Bank Statements.

Please note:
Online bank statements cover the accounts that are open on the sign-up date for the Online Bank Statements offer as well as any that may be opened later, when the accounts under consideration fall into one of the categories for which the customer has chosen to receive his statements online.

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