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Just hold it over to pay!

It is practical, quick and easy.
For amounts up to €20, you can pay for your purchases with your contactless debit card by simply holding it in front of the payment terminal.

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View all BNP Paribas cards that offer the "contactless" payment feature

Learn how to use the "contactless" payment feature for your everyday purchases.

The BNP Paribas Visa Classic, Premier and Infinite Cards all include the "contactless" payment feature.

You can recognize the feature by this symbol:picto WIFI

Payer sans contact

This feature allows you to quickly pay for your small purchases with merchants equipped with contactless payment terminals:

  • For sums of up to €20, you can pay for your purchases by simply holding your card in front of the payment terminal. There is no need to enter your PIN code
  • For sums exceeding €20, purchases must be paid for in the traditional way, by inserting your card into the payment terminal and entering your PIN code

Totally secure payments: you benefit from the same coverage for contactless payments as regular card payments.

For security reasons, you may occasionally be asked to enter your PIN code for purchases under €20.

Your "contactless" payment card retains all the standard features: choice of immediate or deferred debit, payment and withdrawal limits, insurance, assistance, etc.

This new feature is free of charge.

You will recognize the merchants who accept "contactless" payments by this symbol:

Contactless payment


Your card can be used for "contactless" payments if it features this symbol:

picto WIFI

If you do not want this feature activated on your card, please contact your advisor.

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