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paylib contactless

Paylib contactless


It's easy to do your everyday shopping with your mobile phone

Paylib sans contact

Paylib contactless enables you to shop directly in-store using your mobile phone.

In detail


no extra feesfor all customers

Sign up and use Paylib without any fees.(1)


Fast paymentfor your everyday shopping

Pay in just one action with your mobile phone for purchases even over €20.


Secure paymentworry free

BNP Paribas guarantees the security of your payments and remains your sole partner.


Benefit everywherein France and abroad

Paylib contactless is available at all outlets that accept contactless payment in France and abroad.

Further details

Please note

Paylib contactless is a free service linked to your debit card, enabling you to make payments using your mobile phone at all outlets with this facility.

Detailed features of mobile payment

Paylib contactless

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  • Eligibility
  • Sign up
  • Usage
  • Managing your Paylib account
  • Guarantee
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Paylib contactless is available for all customers who have a deposit account and a BNP Paribas debit card(1), as well as an Android NFC compatible mobile phone(2).

(1) Visa Electron Card, Visa Classic Card, Visa Premier Card, Visa Infinite Card, BNP Net Card.
(2) Offer available on NFC compatible smartphone fitted with Android version 4.4 or higher.

(1) Excluding connection fees paid to your internet service provider when you use the Service.

How do I sign up?

It is quick and easy!

  1. Go to
    your "My Accounts" app
  2. Select
    "Pay with my mobile phone" in the "Transfer and payment" section
  3. follow the instructions

    If you no longer have the My Accounts app, please see the
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