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Cashier's Checks


A cashier's check is a check issued by a bank upon the request of a BNP Paribas customer to a beneficiary designated by name. Vendors often request cashier's checks during high-value sales transactions (e.g. by an auctioneer at an auction, in the event of the purchase/sale of property or a vehicle, etc.). This ensures that their beneficiary will be paid.



You can make a written and signed order at your branch or any other BNP Paribas branch. Payment is made immediately by debiting your account. In order to reduce the time it takes to obtain a cashier's check, we highly suggest you notify the bank in advance.

You can appoint a third party to withdraw the cashier's check, on the condition that the appointee is in possession of a power of attorney (this procedure is identical to that of the withdrawal of a checkbook or debit card).


  • If a buyer offers to pay you by cashier's check, the surest way to confirm the validity of the check is to go to the issuing bank with the buyer to have them give you the check.
  • If this is not possible, do not hesitate to call the issuing bank for confirmation. Before calling, check a phone directory to confirm the bank's phone number, because if the check that was given to you is fake, the phone number on it will most certainly be that of an accomplice.
  • Do not hesitate to postpone the day of sale (avoid selling on a holiday or Sunday) to ensure that you will be able to reach the banking establishment. Do not hesitate to go to the bank if necessary.
  • If you were not able to confirm the validity of the check with the bank, check for alterations (colors, marks, traces of scratching or washing, different handwriting) and verify the identity of the person giving you the check by asking them for photo identification.
  • If in doubt, do not relinquish your property and rather postpone the transaction in order to carry out the necessary checks. You can also contact the Customer Service Center at +33 (0)1 57 08 22 00.


French banks, encouraged by Banque de France which ensures the security of payment methods, have decided to strengthen the security on cashier's checks by introducing a high-quality watermark comparable to those on banknotes and identity documents.

All cashier's checks provided to customers will be equipped with a normalized watermark, identical both in pattern and size at all banks operating in France.

The chosen watermark presents a high level of protection: the pattern is integrated into the paper, rather than printed onto it, in order to prevent forgeries. The watermark is easy to recognize against a light with the naked eye. It covers a significant portion of the check's surface.

The watermark contains the phrase, "CHÈQUE de BANQUE" (cashier's check), visible on the back of the check. This phrase is bordered on the top and bottom by two striped pennants with two women sowing seeds on each side, each with the light and dark parts of the design reversed.

The watermark's features make it well adapted to detecting forgeries, notably in the context of sales between individuals.

Checking the watermark does not mean that the beneficiary of a cashier's check should not take other precautions. We recommend you also pay attention to alterations such as marks, traces of scratching or washing, and different handwriting.


Your beneficiary can deposit a check at any bank in Metropolitan France.

Payment of the amount to the check's recipient is guaranteed one year and eight days from the check's date of issue for checks issued and payable in Metropolitan France.

After this period, if the check is not used, the amount may be re-credited to the customer's account, upon their request.


Please see the BNP Paribas Rates and Conditions.

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