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Situation is a BNP Paribas statement offer that provides you with detailed information on your deposit accounts, savings accounts, investments and loans.

A complete set of statements to help you monitor and manage all of your bank accounts.

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Deposit accounts

Detailed viewA maximum of information

A detailed statement for your deposit accounts, with transactions organized by category and accompanied by a running balance calculation.

Savings accounts

Single bank statementHIGHLIGHT ON YOUR SAVINGS

A detailed bank statement for all of your savings accounts.

Investments and loans

Monthly monitoringMore visibility with Situation

Focusing on your current investments and loans.

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Your Situation statements are also available in electronic format (PDF) with the Online Bank Statement Offer.

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Situation is available in three different packages, built upon common core services.

Core services

Three types of statements available:

  • Deposit account monthly statements

These bank statements, issued on the 1st of each month, provide an overview of transactions for the period, detailing the previous balance, credits and debits, and the new balance. They are provided monthly (or twice a month at the customer's request).

They organize transactions into ten category types: incoming transfers, outgoing transfers, direct debits / loan repayments, deposited checks / cash deposits, issued checks, cash withdrawals, debit card withdrawals, debit card payments, various banking services (premiums and fees) and miscellaneous.

Transactions are shown by ascending order for checks, by transaction date for debit card payments and by accounting date for all other transactions.

  • Monthly activity statements

They provide a table of incoming and outgoing transactions, their amounts, and month-end balance, over the past twelve months of the calendar year.

  • Monthly statement for savings accounts

A single document detailing all savings accounts (excluding securities), if at least one transaction was made during the period.

Situation Packages

In addition to the core services, you may choose between different optional packages for investment statements.

Package 1

This package provides a biannual overview statement for your savings accounts and loans, issued on the 30th of June and 31st of December. The statement details all savings accounts (excluding securities), categorized by level of liquidity (available or fixed-term), and loans held.

Reflection Package

This package provides:

  • A biannual two-part statement of assets (Activity and Itemization)

On the 30th of June and 31st of December, the statement details all assets and debts held with the subscription agency, organized into 6 categories: checking accounts, available savings, fixed-term savings, securities savings, life insurance policies and loans.

The activity of assets section provides a simple, clear and precise overview of your financial assets (evolution of assets and loans), which summarizes:

  • capital during the past three semesters, per category
  • the evolution of assets over the past three semesters, as well as the distribution (in %) of assets during the last semester, in graph format.

The itemization of assets section is organized by type of account and/or contracts for each category.

  • A statement for financial instruments accounts (e.g. Equity Savings Plans, SMB Equity Savings Plans, Financial Instruments Accounts)

Equity Savings Plans and SMB Equity Savings Plans, quarterly (end of calendar quarter): 2 account statements (itemized and cumulative) that show all securities held and the weighted average prices to estimate potential gains or losses.

Financial Instruments Account (ordinary), annual (end of calendar year): one single bank statement that shows all securities held and their value, unit price, overall estimate, and distribution percentage of each line relative to the total.

  • A statement of earned income and proceeds from securities transactions

This yearly statement is organized by product type and includes the following information from the current year:

  • Income subject to the progressive income tax scale, with an advance payment
  • Income eligible for tax exemption
  • Income that is taxable from the first euro earned

This statement is only issued if income was earned. Social security contributions are withheld at source and paid directly to the Treasury, in accordance with the bill relative to financing social security.

  • Safe-custody fees statement

This statement includes commissions charged (both before and after taxes) calculated based on the year's assets, held in Financial Instruments Accounts.

  • Coupon statement

This statement includes the amount earned during the year per income category (stocks, bonds, etc.).

Please note

  • Accounts of minor children may be integrated into these statements
  • Statement frequency is not optional

Package 3

This package is free of charge and includes only the core services. It is designed for customers who are signed up for Panorama.

Online Bank Statement Offer

By choosing to receive your statements online, you benefit from complimentary exclusive services for managing your checking account on the website:

  • You may access your transaction history over 12 rolling months, starting from the date you sign up
  • You have the option to 'pin' your transactions, enter comments and view transactions that are not 'pinned' at any time
  • You benefit from a multi-criteria search function (by date, date range, type of transaction, amount, etc.). A few clicks are all it takes to look up all your transactions from the past 12 months.
  • The rate for your Situation contract is unchanged if you opt for the Online Bank Statement Offer.

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