investment funds


Do you have life insurance, a Financial Instruments Account or even an Equity Savings Plan? Diversify your financial savings with our selection of investment funds designed to respond to your principal savings objectives, with an additional offering presented by management type.


A percentage of the processing fees billed to UCIs is sold back to BNP Paribas for shares/stocks the bank sells. Capped processing fees are indicated in the brochure related to said UCI.
Before signing up for a UCI, please read this document (in French only).

The UCIs described herein are organized under French Law. They present a risk of capital loss and are exposed, in particular, to the following risks: stocks, interest rates, credit, convertible bonds, emerging markets, commodities, real estate, foreign exchange rates and counterparty. In addition, the investor is advised that their investment in UCIs will be subject to fees based on the chosen investment framework (e.g. securities account, equity savings plan, life insurance, capitalization contract). These fees will affect the amount of capital invested and the return on the investment (considering the commissions for signing up for a UCI within a securities account or equity savings plan, and the initial sign-up or arbitrage fees for a life insurance/or capitalization contract, and the annual management fees for a life insurance contract, capitalization contract or equity savings plan). Before signing up, please read the DICI (Key Investor Information Document) sent to you by the Bank, as well as the Prospectus and Annual Report available at your branch or on the website.

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