savings account

Savings account


Compte Epargne

The Savings Account is available for deposits at your discretion, with no maximum limit on your account balance.

  • Interest rate offered
  • Gross 0.10%(1)

In detail

Interest rate

Gross 0.10%Guaranteed return

As of your first deposit, your money will earn 0.10%(1) gross per year with no maximum limit.


100% secureWithout risks or limits

Your savings are always available with no time limit!

Deposits and withdrawals

Without feesIt's simple

Depositing and withdrawing funds from your savings account do not incur any fees.
You can open an account with a minimum deposit of €10.

Joint account

With your spouse or otherIt is better to be two

A Savings Account may be opened as a joint account.
One person may hold several savings accounts.

Further details

Please note

Remember to set up automatic deposits for your Savings Account in order to regularly increase your savings!

Detailed characteristics of the

savings account

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  • Eligibility, interest rate, interest calculation method and posting dates, limit, deposits, withdrawals, term
  • Taxation, account closure, bequest
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All private individuals, including those including minors, protected adults or non-residents, may sign up for a Savings Account.
One person may hold several savings accounts.
A Savings Account may be opened as a joint account (between spouses or others).

Interest rate

The interest rate set for a Savings Account is 0.10% gross per year (rate established on 2016-10-01).

Interest is subject to income tax and social security contributions.

Method of interest calculation and posting dates

Interest is calculated using the projected interest and backdated interest methods. Withdrawals made before the 31st of December of the current year produce backdated interest that is subtracted from any projected interest that may be calculated for the year.

Deposits accrue interest as of the first day of the half-month that follows the deposit or transfer (the 16th of that month or the 1st of the following month). The amounts withdrawn stop accruing interest as of the first day of the half-month during which the withdrawal was made (either the 1st or the 16th).

In order to avoid losing a single day of interest, we advise that you make your deposits before the 16th or the 1st of the month and your withdrawals after the 15th or after the 30th.


There is no limit to the amount that may be held in the Savings Account.


Initial deposit: Minimum €10.
Subsequent deposits: deposits or automatic transfers, with a minimum of €10 per transaction.


Make withdrawals at your discretion, with the minimum of €10 per transaction. The account must always maintain a minimum balance of €10.


The account has no contractual term.

(1) Rate established on 2017-01-01.

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